1stRowL-R)(?),LindaNation,MarshaSchwab,Rudy Brady,IreneChavez,Dorthy?,FrancesSimpson,PeggyEdwards/2ndR-JohnnyAdams,(?),G
(1st Picture in this album)

Fries Avenue School

Helen McEwen gave me three pictures and Sharon Elliott gave me one.  Also, I just received about 4 more from Marie Ramirez.  We still need more pictures to make our album complete.  Due to my failing memory I need help identifying some of our ole classmates.   I'm getting a little forgetful and I'm missing a lot of names.  Please help me out here.  Do you remember some of our very young classmates? If I've misspelled someones name please forgive and let me know the correct spelling.  Should you have additional pictures of our class brush off the cobwebs, scan them as a JPEG, and upload them on our album page.  You can contact me through our "Contact Us" page .  If your not sure how this all works just up load to any album and I'll edit it.  Enjoy!
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